Captain Nachum Arieliסרן נחום אריאלי ז”ל Nachum served as a company commander in the Palmach. He was killed in April 1948, in the Castel battle, just ten days after his wedding. He wrote the song “Until the End of Days,” which is performed by Eran Tzur. Nachum, the son of Matitau and Leah, was born in 1927 in Givat Ada. His friends say he wanted to be a veterinarian or an agronomist. Ultimately, he did not get a chance to start college in America because he was asked to extend his service in the Palmach. He was appointed commander of the force responsible for the security of the road to Jerusalem. Although he was an officer in the Palmach, Nachum had a sensitive and unique character. He sang, wrote songs, composed, produced cultural evenings in the Palmach tents, and had a love for film. His friends said he could easily imitate foreign accents, and he used this throughout his operational work. Nachum married Ora at the end of March 1948, whom he had met during their service in the Palmach. Immediately after the wedding, he was called to be the commander of the force that would invade Castel. When his forces were pushed back, Nachum gave the command: “privates retreat, commanders are left to cover.” Nachum died on April 8, 1948, at the age of 21. He is still considered a revered commander for his actions in this decisive battle.  He coined the slogan “Follow me” and wrote the song “Until the End of Days,” which is performed by Eran Tzur. The song below was written by Nachum and was later composed and sung after Nachum’s death by Eran Zur as part of the Israeli army radio station project: “Soon We Will Become a Song.”  Until the End of Days / Eran Tzur Until the end of days – Up to a star above Up to the full moon, Up to the stormy sea: I love you! Up to the star above Solitude without end How the soul has perished From the darkness of the sea To you! To the distant moon How the sadness had no law The heart aches And pain felt to the bone marrow Because of you. Up to the stormy sea The burning heart The mourning and bereavement: In spite of everything – I love you! עד אחרית ימים / ערן צור – עַד אחרית ימים ,עֵד כוכב מרומים ,עֵד ירח חיור :עֵד הים הסוער !אהבתיך :עד כוכב מרום בבדידות בלי תום איך הנפש כלתה מתוך ים-עלטה !אליך עד ירח רחוק איך העצב אין-חוק נצבט אז הלב ועצם הכאב .בגללך עֵד הים הסוער והלב הבוער :ביקוד דווי ושכול – על אף הכל !אהבתיך]]>