Color codes for class recommendations: Orange: Advanced Level Blue: Age 60+ Green: All Levels Red: Heart Pumping Purple: Age 60+ & All Levels Pink: Heart Pumping & Advanced Level Yellow: Heart Pumping & All Levels 10 MINUTE START TIME POLICY For your safety and the safety of others, please do not enter a group exercise class while the program is in sessions. Participants have already warmed up. By joining after the program has begun, you’re putting yourself at risk for injury. Classes close 10 minutes after the scheduled start time. Schedule subject to change.  Google calendar will have the most up-to-date changes so please check the calendar. $$ Fee-Based Class Group Studio A | GA | Formerly Dance Studio Group Studio B | GB | Formerly Group EX Studio Group Studio C | GC | Formerly Rec Station Gymnasium | GYM Indoor Pool | IP Stay up to date with the latest Group Exercise news. To sign up for email notifications, please contact Rachel Ossman, or 301-348-3710. For text message updates, visit Add this calendar to your own Google Calendar:]]>