Shalom Learning We are proud to partner with ShalomLearning, which is bringing Hebrew school into the 21st century.   ShalomLearning blends traditional classroom instruction with interactive online learning activities to make Jewish education more exciting, convenient and fun. Your kids will learn about their heritage and develop a strong, positive Jewish identity. Each month the curriculum focuses on a different value we all share such as “using your inner strength to do what’s right” and “taking responsibility for your actions.” Students enjoy learning about Jewish history, holidays, and traditions through:

  • Group activities where the whole family has the opportunity to be involved in the students’ Jewish journey.
  • Virtual sessions where students interact with their classmates in a teacher moderated online classroom from home.
  • In-person sessions where students take part in enjoyable activities that reinforce learning concepts.
Learn more about this innovative program and reserve space for your child at If you have any questions, please call 1-800-830-0173.]]>